This class will give you a full body workout that incorporates the art of kickboxing and moves from extreme fitness workouts. All our instructors have competitive kickboxing experience and are world class personal trainers. During class you will work through a series of punch and kick combinations along with abdominal plyometric exercises using the best method to kick your body into gear, with high intensity interval training.

Students show that interval training helps you lose weight faster by completing 10 to 30 minute interval workouts 3 to 5 times a week when compared to regular 30 to 60 minute cardio workouts. Throughout class you will workout with a group and one-on-one with an instructor. Whether you're new to fitness kickboxing or a seasoned pro our classes are designed to handle each person as an individual. Your cardiovascular system will benefit too, throughout the workout you will be bobbing, weaving, and jumping amidst the punches and kicks, so that your heart rate stays elevated for most of the session, a good class will leave you drenched in sweat and energized.

As you continue your training you will learn how to throw punches with precision and power, you’ll strengthen your upper body and eventually see more muscle definition. The kicks will strengthen your legs, especially the hamstrings (the muscles that run down the backs of your thigh), and the kneeing move (a strike in which you thrust your bent knee upward) will firm your abdominal muscles; in fact, all of the moves, when done correctly, will make your torso into a solid base that lets you do everyday tasks more easily. However talk is cheap, sign up now for a free session and experience this exhilarating workout

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