• No One left Behind... Group workouts is not only a great motivation but a supportive and productive exercise routine. Check out our bootcamps!
  • Ditch the Workout No dance background required! Ditch the workout and join the Party just come and have fun burning calories.
  • Join us in the Ring... Check out our martial arts programs. Our fantastic coaches and trainers will ensure you get a great workout!
  • The Floor is Open... This floor has seen some action from Push-ups to jumping jacks. There's lots to do and lots of space to do it.
  • Grab your Gloves... These bags aren't just for Kicks! or punches.. They're more than 100 exercises you can do with these bad boys.

Enjoy the 1144 Athletics Experience

Do you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or do you not have energy to do the things that you "used to do"? Would you make fitness a priority if you had a convenient, clean, friendly place to go? Then 1144Athletics is the place for you!
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Tough Challenge:
Get in a workout that is garenteed to blast that fat right out of existance by targeting the legs, upper body and core
personal-trainingPersonal Training:
Discover the benefits of a customized workout plan including ongoing motivation and support.
kids-martial-artsKid's Martial Arts:

Watch your kids have fun and stay in shape!

womens-martial-artsWomen's Self Defence:

Don't be a victim! Be prepared to fight back in tight situations.

Promote the mind/body balance of these revolutionary practices.
jui-jitsuBrazilian Jiu Jitsu:
Experience the highly effective self-defense system of ground fighting.
muay-thaiMuay Thai:
Learn "The Science of Eight Limbs" and the ability to execute strikes using eight points of contact.
Get introduced to intermediate or advanced level boxing concepts, skills, and strength training techniques.
Get a full-body workout that incorporates the sport of kickboxing.
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Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing
Are you looking to BURN up to 900 Calories an hour? Would you like to increase your lean muscle mass and improve your flexibility? 1144...

Tough Challenge

Looking to blast calories? Get ready -- it's going to be intense. Bret Emery, a behavioral psychologist and weight...


From the greats like Mohammed Ali to the superstars of today, boxing is a world-class sport that always attracts a crowd....
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